Reseña: Haim – SXSW

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Haim – SXSW 2013

It was the first day of SXSW Music and we took it easy, the only show we went to see was the one going on at The Vevo TV Control Room, Haim. 
I really wanted to see the Haim girls play live. I had read and listened enough about them before arriving to the festival but there is nothing like a live show to make a real personal opinion about a band.

We came early and the badges and wristbands line was really short, so we had no problem getting into the venue, which was very weird for us because we thought many people would be expecting see the girls play live, anyway I just thought that since they had so many shows at Southby people wasn’t in a hurry to get to see their show the first night.

The place was great, it had a backyard with a DJ stage, ping pong tables and camping style tables. I don’t really know who was playing but we had a good time drnking couple of beers before getting into the actual venue. The venue was small, I would say maybe a 300 persons venue, although only around 150-200 got into the show.

Haim came out and inmediatly made a conection with the audience, the girls attacked their instruments as intense as they could and de audience couldn’t do anything else but love the music that came out from the amps.

Almost as they started playing I knew I was standing in front of a set it would take a long time to forget. The place made the showcase very intimate and the girls gave it all to the public. They mentioned how they had applied to Southby two years ago and they were rejected and how happy they where now to be there.

It was a short set, they did some time at the middle to do some jamming which everybody loved, it showed how they were able not only to perform their songs pretty well but that they could jam amazingly.

They finished they set with “Let me go” and the three girls hitting the drums as hard as they could. It was just amazing, people couldn’t stop putting their hands together for them. The californian girls gave me an amazing finale for the first day of SXSW music.